Site Reputation SDK JS

The Site Reputation SDK JS (SR) provides two different clients to verify a site's reputation. The RealtimeReputationClient fetches a site's reputation with additional information from a database and the SiteReputationClient uses open-source lists to determine a site's reputation.


  1. Node JS v16.10+
  2. Yarn 1.22+


After cloning the project, ensure that the project is running successfully by:

yarn install
yarn build
yarn verify

System Tests

System tests run against a live environment and use the built libary from lib/. In order to run system tests locally, follow these steps to set up the environment.

  1. Create a new .env file at the root of the project
  2. Copy the contents of .env.example and paste them in the new .env file
  3. Create a new folder at the root called config/
  4. Download SDK Config from Admin Console and save it in config/sudoplatformconfig.json
  5. Download TEST registration key from Admin Console and save it in config/register_key.private.
  6. Create a file config/register_key.id with the TEST registration key ID in it.
  7. Run the following commands:
yarn install && yarn build && yarn test:system
  1. After installing packages and building the project, you should be fine just running yarn test:system each time after

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