Sudo Virtual Cards iOS SDK


Credit cards have long been a powerful way for retailers (and banks) to track not only users but their spending habits. This data is often used and even sold without users knowing and what consequences it may later bring.

That is why we offer virtual credit cards for your users. They will be able to shop securely, keep track of all their transactions, and dynamically create cards for every purpose. Users can create virtual cards whenever they need to. They can make purchases with the peace of mind that their personal details are going to stay private.

Please see the Sudo Platform Developer Docs for an overview of Virtual Cards in the Sudo Platform.

Version Support

Technology Supported version
iOS Deployment Target 14.0+
Swift language version 5.7
Xcode version 14.1+

Integration Instructions

Visit the Virtual Cards section of the Sudo Platform Developer Docs for SDK integration instructions.

Questions and Support

File any issues you find on the project’s GitHub repository. Be careful not to share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive account information (API keys, credentials, etc.) when reporting an issue.

For general inquiries related to the Sudo Platform, please contact