Enumeration FetchOption

Enumeration Members

CacheAndRemote: "cache-and-network"

Executes the full query against both the cache and your GraphQL server. The *query automatically updates if the result of the server-side * query modifies cached fields. Provides a fast response while also helping to keep cached data consistent with server data.

CacheFirst: "cache-first"

Executes the query against the cache. If all requested data is present in the cache, that data is returned. Otherwise, Apollo Client executes the query against your GraphQL server and returns that data after caching it.

Prioritizes minimizing the number of network requests sent by your application. This is the default policy

CacheOnly: "cache-only"

Returns Sudos from the local cache only.

NoCache: "no-cache"

Similar to RemoteOnly except the query's result is not stored in the cache

RemoteOnly: "network-only"

Fetches Sudos from the backend and ignores any cached entries.

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